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Save the Kitties & 10% off Your Order!

Posted by Krista Apodaca on

Get dolled up for the kitties with our Fundraiser for Feline Solutions! Save 10% off your order and a portion of your order will be donated to Feline Solutions when you use the special discount code anytime between May 1st and May 7th 2017. Enter coupon code "felinesolutions" during checkout. Please feel free to share this fundraiser far and wide as this is a nationwide fundraiser event! Shop now here. Check out the Facebook event page for this fundraiser here.

Feline Solutions is an all volunteer non-profit 501C3 stray cat rescue founded by Carol Molina and is located in York County, PA. We rescue, rehabilitate and re-home cats/kittens that are abandoned, sick, abused, etc. We work diligently to help those sweet souls that would be euthanized in local kill shelters. Every cat counts to them! They are immensely passionate about Trap-Neuter-Release or TNR to help reduce overpopulation as well. Since 2012, they have spayed/ neutered over 9,000 cats which is wonderful, but they are still seeing too much pain and heartache every year with so many sick and abandoned kittens being born on the streets and pet owners still abandoning/dumping. Feline Solutions has a huge goal they'd love to reach right now and everyone's support is much appreciated! We can't thank everyone enough as fundraisers like this help to care for so many sweet cats and kittens! THANK YOU!

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