Betty and Veronica


Betty and Veronica originated in the 1950's as Archie Comics characters, beginning as objects of Archie Andrew's affection, and also as best frenemies with one another. Artists Bob Montana, Dan DeCarlo, and Dan Parent are responsible for bringing the colorful and trend-setting characters to life through their comic strip drawings, and from simple beginnings, the girls have developed far beyond teen love interests and into main characters in their own right. 

The strong and stylish women that are Betty and Veronica have inspired generations of adoring fans who have kept the tradition of classic American attitude and style close to their hearts. That theme is continued today in the CW show Riverdale, which showcases Betty and Veronica's close yet chaotic friendship during a tumultuous period of small-town drama.  Regardless of the crises, they constantly defend and encourage one another, and are examples of resilience in the face of adversity.

For over 75 years, Betty and Veronica have had their finger on the pulse of the culture, attuned to every decade's sense of taste and fashion. The girls have moved closely with the seasons, and have helped cultivate the ever-evolving wardrobes of modern life. Betty and Veronica's styles have been a part of decade's of trends, and they reflect classic patterns and designs that continue to be staples of fashion. The fabulous duo has given young women throughout the years the keys to express themselves through their art, music, and clothing. 

     Captured beautifully by talented artist's work from every era since the 50's, the excitement of timeless design and vintage Americana lives on at Betty and Veronica. Every day we work to bring the spirit of these two gals to life, hoping to inspire girls all over the world to be strong, confident, and supportive of one another - which is what great friendships are all about!

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