Closet Purge 2018

Posted by Scarlett Vondetta on Jul 25th 2018

“This is your emergency broadcast announcing the commencement of the annual purge” que the loud sirens.

I think we all get to that point, where we stare at our closets and think by the fates “ya’ll have got to go”. While we ask Hera to grant all the strength we need to get rid of our pretties. Those we have out grown, not worn or let’s be honest, said we’re going to alter and haven’t gotten around to it.

Purging your closet has been a quick trend in many online selling groups. It’s a quick way to rid yourself of all the above and Doll Me Up is no different. This crazy idea to “Purge” the store “closet” came about one day while Krista and I were gabbing about our love of horror films. We wanted to have a sale and put two and two together. Thus, the annual DMU Purge was born!

A ton of man hours go into our annual purge, some pizza, hard work, more pizza, and prep go into our fun closet purge. Here are some fun tips to prep for the DMU Purge.

Before the big sale:

1. Closet space - Well you’re going to need it. Start by grabbing pieces that don’t fit. If it’s too small, toss it on the “To Go” pile. Too big? Have you had it sitting there for more than 6 months? TG pile. Haven’t worn it in over a year? TG pile.

2. Purge it - If you have some good condition items, look into selling them. USPS padded flat rate envelopes will be your best friend for this. Don’t feel like selling? Look into donating to your local women’s shelter, they are appreciated and welcomed.

3. Extra funds - If you have extra funds from selling, let that sit in your PayPal account or stash some extra funds from that check and just leave it be. Skip the coffee runs, pack lunch; dare I say a ramen diet? Lol, no need to go that far, but you get my drift.

4. PREP! – Last, but not least, start perusing the site. Start putting things into your cart. If you can add them by top priority to least do it. This is a little more tedious to do, but worth the effort as things can fly out the cart. It’s easy to look at your cart and start with your “must haves” and move onto your least favorites. Then you can just delete from there if need be and check out.

Now that your order is placed all you have to do it wait. Waiting is hard, especially when we want our goodies as soon as we hit send, but your patience is appreciated. Doll Me Up gets a high volume of orders and work hard to get those goodies out to you quickly.

We can’t wait for this year’s sale. See you at the “Purge.”

Scarlett Vondetta is a pinup with a nerd/geek complex who loves to cosplay and is always up to new shenanigans. Follow her on Instagram @scarlettvondetta

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