Violet Dress Styled 3 Ways

Violet Dress Styled 3 Ways

Posted by Amy Harman on Apr 20th 2017

My favourite dress released this Spring has got to be the Violet Dress by Voodoo Vixen. It's rare even from vintage inspired clothing companies to find a piece that feels like it could pass for genuine true vintage but this dress is one of them. With a soft peachy fabric that looks almost like a spring tweed and those beautiful embroidered flowers framing the neckline, it's a flawless sample of springtime beauty and grace.

Imagine my shock, then, when one of my friends gushed over how beautiful it is, only to ask me a beat later 'But how would you wear it?'

I blinked. 'What do you mean, how would I wear it?'

'Well,' she said, touching the embroidered flowers. 'You wouldn't want to cover these up, and it's one of those dresses that you can't do much with, isn't it? Even though it's gorgeous,' she said.

Oh no. No, no, no, I am not having that. This dress is stunning, yes, but it's not a one trick pony. This dress is whatever you want it to be, and to prove as much I've put together 3 ways you can style this dress to show you exactly that!

Pastel Princess

This peachy pink, while beautiful, can be hard to pair other colors with, but similar pastel tones will work a treat. All the pastel toned Tootsie Cropped Cardigans would offer you arm coverage without obscuring either the embroidered neckline or your waist, while a variety of vintage reproduction pastel Nifty 50’s hair scarves and cute handbags let you accessorize like the pastel princess you are. Add some pastel shoes of your choice and you are a springtime ice cream treat ready for devouring!

Top L to Bottom R: Tootsie Cropped Cardigan in Ice BlueIce Cream Crossbody Swing BagNifty 50's Hair Scarf in LilacTootsie Cropped Cardigan in Light BlueCupcake Crossbody Swing BagNifty 50's Hair Scarf in Cotton Candy PinkTootsie Cropped Cardigan in LilacScallop Oblong Hair Scarf in Black and White

Tropical Darling

The flowers on the neckline of this piece might be little garden lovelies but it's not hard to give this dress a tropical flair. Add wedges, a stack of bamboo bangles and a bold hair flower (and a white cardigan if you're worried about chilly arms) and you'll be looking tiki-tastic!

Top L to Bottom R: Tootsie Cropped Cardigan in WhiteFlower Hair Clip in Coral, Tiki Time Bamboo Bangles in Light Brown Set of 4, Orchid Flower Hair Clip in Purple, White Countess SunglassesOrchid Flower Hair Clip in Green

Evening Chic

Just because this dress is peachy and floaty, doesn't mean you can't wear it on an evening out. Whether you're heading out on a dinner date or attending an event, this dress is so exquisite all you need to do is add some heels and a bit of twinkle, style your hair simply, and you are ready to go!

L to R: Dazzle Me Darling Earrings in Silver, Simulated Pearl Hoop EarringsEnchanting Earrings

See? There’s plenty of ways you can wear this dress, each one as lovely as the last. Plus, this dress has pockets. I mean, come on, how is anyone supposed to be able to resist that?

Miss Amy May is a British vintage-style blogger, ex-farm girl and all around sass queen. She's addicted to Instagram, has a penchant for bedazzled heels and firmly believes no one should ever be judged for eating cake. When she's not dressed head to toe in her favorite 50's finery, she is most likely laying around on a sofa in a Harry Potter t-shirt and PJ pants binge-watching Netflix, because life is too short not to live it in blissfully wild extremes.

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