NEW! Best Friends Color 2 Pin Set by Betty and Veronica

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Best friends forever! A new take on the classic "best friends" heart, now featuring your favorite gal pals and rendered in bright, bold color. Keep them both for yourself or give one to your bestie! 

Product specifications: 

The BEST FRIENDS COLOR 2-pin set features classic linework by legendary Archie Comics illustrator Dan DeCarlo, lovingly re-designed just for you by Sara M. Lyons. Each BEST FRIENDS COLOR pin set includes two broken heart halves with a rhinestone "earring" detail on Veronica's half for extra flair. Each heart half is approximately 1.25" high and made of super shiny, jewelry-quality hard enamel in gorgeous full color with screenprinted details and glossy gunmetal plating. Each heart half has a single black rubber clutch pin back.